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Description: CE Mark


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What is CE Mark?

CE – Ball Pressure Test Result

It is the European product safety mark.  CE stands for the French phrase, “Conformite Europene”, which simply means “European Conformity”.


CE Mark on a product means that the product is safe.


CE Mark is the passport for your products for entry into Europe.  Without CE Mark, specified categories of products cannot enter Europe, cannot be placed on the European markets or put in to use in Europe.


What is the procedure?

The products should conform to European directives and standards.  The certification process involves application of relevant directives and standards, inspection and testing according to the standards and compiling the Technical Construction File (TCF).


Food Warmer

Steel Rolling Mill

Screen Printing Machine

Pneumatic Drill


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Ace provides end-to-end solutions in CE Marking your product, including advice, inspection, testing and certification.  Our team of highly experienced engineers will be glad to provide friendly


Description: CE - Ball-Pressure Test Result


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