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Energy Efficiency: Save 10-15% on Energy Bills/ 9 pages

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Open Access: Purchase Cheap Electricity/  6 pages

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What is Open Access?

Who can Benefit?

What are the Annual Savings?

Onetime Infrastructure and Investment

How Ace can Help you benefit from OA?

Rooftop Solar/ 7 pages

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What is Rooftop Solar?

Which places in India are Ideal for Rooftop Solar?

Who can Benefit from Rooftop Solar?

What are the savings from Rooftop Solar?

How much roof space is required for rooftop solar?

How Ace can help in rooftop solar?

Corporate Funding/ 7 pages

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RBI mulls hike in risk weightage to realty sector

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Private Equity Funding/ 8 pages

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Private Equity opens Perennial "Funds Tap"

Private Equity - Benefits to Funds

Valuation for Private Equity

Dilution of promoter holding in Private Equity

Exit routes/ strategies in Private Equity

Learning Center: Private Equity & Corporate Finance

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ROI or ROCE? _ Relative Merits

Relationship between top-line and size of term loan

Importance of Current Ratio

What is the ideal tenor of a working capital term loan (WCTL)?

You get your health checked regularly, what about the financial health of your business?

Is Buyers_ Credit appropriate to fund expansion?

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Vishal-JSJK High Tech Joint Venture Arranged by Ace

Radico-Star TV Co-Branding Facilitated by Ace

Radico-Big Bazaar Retailing Facilitated by Ace

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Electricity consumers with a load of 1.0 MW and above can make significant savings in power and fuel costs, by purchasing power in the open markets.

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Rooftop Solar


Power tariffs and bills are rising every day.  Industrial and commercial establishments can benefit …

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Energy Solutions

Total Energy Management based on R2P Principle

We help our clients in saving significant amounts from energy costs, in all the three areas, through our strategic alliance and deep linkages.



High-tech, 550kV, SF6 gas insulated, instrument transformer technology tie-up facilitated by Ace.

Marketing Tie-up

Retail tie-up for cosmetic products with Big Bazaar and launch of the product in Ambience Mall, Gurgaon.


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