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Latest, Gas Insulated, 500kV, Instrument Transformer technology transfer arranged by Ace  

Technology Transfer Services

Energy Services

Looking for technology up gradation for your products?

Today many advanced countries are looking at India as a manufacturing hub for their products.  The reasons are not merely “cheap labor” any more.  Increasingly these countries and businesses are enthused by factors like highly skilled, hardworking and committed workforce, English speaking population, democratic tradition, independent judiciary, etc.


IT and IT enabled services, auto components, drug research are a few shining examples of this success story.


Indian entrepreneurs need technology, too!

While a qualified and technically skilled workforce is indeed an asset, Indian enterprises need advanced technology in many sectors.  Since corporate R&D is very expensive and unaffordable for many enterprises, especially for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), Indian enterprises certainly need cutting edge technology from abroad.  While technologically advanced economies look towards India for cost efficient manufacturing, Indian enterprises should actively seek to benefit from the technology and R&D capabilities of the advanced countries.


Contact us!

Ace provides end-to-end solutions in foreign collaboration, joint ventures, technology transfer and cooperation, including advice, government policy and regulations, identification of technology partner, negotiation and drafting the technology transfer agreement, associated fund raising, etc.  Our highly experienced team will be glad to provide friendly service.



Total Energy Management based on R2P Principle

We help our clients in saving significant amounts from energy costs, in all the three areas, through our strategic alliance and deep linkages.




Energy Efficiency Services

Industry and large commercial consumers can save up to 15% from our energy efficiency products, services and solutions.


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Technology Transfer discussions with top company executives in progress.



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