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Motors – prime-movers or prime energy guzzlers?

24th August 2014

Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon (MCG) to make rooftop solar compulsory

17th August 2014

India Fails ACEEE 2014 Energy Efficiency Scorecard Exam 2014

15th August 2014

Why solar is more suitable than wind for captive generation, in India

14th August 2014

Canal Solar in Gujrat

9th August 2014

Distributed Energy Generation – the paradigm shift waiting to happen in India

31st July 2014

R2P Principle

29th July 2014

Unfortunately, IREDA does not have a funding scheme for rooftop/ off-grid solar

14th September 2013

Accelerated Depreciation is a Great Incentive for Rooftop Solar

11th September 2013

Rooftop Solar, a Revolution in the making in India

4th September 2013

Haryana industry lukewarm to Open Access

28th August 2013



Corporate Finance


19th December, 2012

Is there a relationship between the top-line and the size of a term loan?

15th December, 2012

Current Ratio and its importance

9th December, 2012

What should be the ideal tenor of a working capital term loan?

1st December, 2012

You get your health checked regularly, but what about the financial health of your business?

30th November, 2012

Is buyer’s credit appropriate to fund the expansion project?

27th November, 2012

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Value Investing


Value Investing Training photos

11th December, 2012

Market is a pendulum

11th December, 2012

What the Guru says 1

6th December, 2012

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CE Marking-need for the use of certified components

16th August, 2009





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