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What is Rooftop Solar?



Traditionally, solar power plants are setup at Mega Watt scale, for feeding electricity to the power grid, on large tracts of land.


Rooftop solar, on the other hand is meant for captive consumption and is installed mostly on the rooftop but may also be installed on the ground, but within the existing premises of the consumer.


Key Benefits:


·      Significant Savings on utility and generator power costs;

·      Relief from annual increase in power tariffs;

·      Reduced running of generator;

·      Accelerated depreciation and tax savings;

·      30% MNRE Subsidy on capital investment;

·      You contribute towards reduction of greenhouse gases and climate change.



Learn all about saving energy costs on our site.  We are always glad to meet you in person and assist you.  So, Contact us!

India is blessed with abundant sunlight.  In the coming years, with introduction of “Net Metering”, every home, office and other establishment will produce its own clean energy from rooftop solar and sell the surplus to distributing companies..



Open Access



Electricity consumers with a load of 1.0 MW and above can make significant savings in power and fuel costs, by purchasing power in the open markets.

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