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Process/ Steps for achieving Energy Efficiency

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The process of saving energy costs through energy efficiency is a four step process:

1.    Monitor:  Measuring or monitoring is the first step in any improvement process.  It helps us becoming aware of how much energy we are consuming, in which areas, at what times, etc.  Our power monitoring solution based on detailed data analysis, goes one step ahead and will help you identify areas of leakages/ improvements.

2.    Audit:  Next step is to get a detailed energy audit conducted.  The energy audit will identify areas of leakage/ improvement, and list the improvement measures/ projects, prioritized in the order of maximum benefits with minimum initial investment.

3.    Implement:  Energy Audit alone will not result in savings.  You have to implement the energy efficiency measures recommended in our report.

4.    Save:  Implementation of energy efficiency measures/ projects will result in measurable savings.  In a general engineering industry, one can save 10-15% of the energy bill.

Energy efficiency is not a onetime exercise, but a continuous, cyclical process.  After completing one cycle, you should start once again, may be after two to three years.

Electricity consumers with a load of 1.0 MW and above can make significant savings in power and fuel costs, by purchasing power in the open markets.

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Rooftop Solar


Power tariffs and bills are rising every day.  Industrial and commercial establishments can benefit …

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