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Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures

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Energy Audit by itself will not result in savings.  You have to implement the energy efficiency measures recommended in the energy audit report.

There are many diverse ways of implementing energy saving measures beginning with as simple as turning off the light, fan and air-conditioner while leaving the room to more complex, changing the insulation of an aging oven!

Make your people agents of energy efficiency through awareness, training and recognition.

Further, our energy audit report will provide a prioritized list of energy efficiency measures/ projects.  Implement them one after the other or a few or all of them together, as your budget/ resources permit, and start reaping the energy efficiency benefits.

Through our ESCO Service model, we can take ownership and responsibility for implementing the various energy efficiency measures/ projects.

Electricity consumers with a load of 1.0 MW and above can make significant savings in power and fuel costs, by purchasing power in the open markets.

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Rooftop Solar


Power tariffs and bills are rising every day.  Industrial and commercial establishments can benefit …

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