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How Ace can help you make significant savings from open access?

Ace can, in a step-by-step manner, assist you in the following ways:

1.    Inform and Advice you about the latest regulatory and administrative changes, relating to power purchase in the open market:

Ace being a professional consulting company, our expertise primarily lies in updating ourselves and our customers with the frequently changing regulatory and administrative policies, circulars, notifications, etc., representing our customers before regulatory authorities in hearings, etc. 

2.    Feasibility Study & Pay-Back of Initial Investment/ one-time costs

We will dive deep into your electricity consumption and diesel generation data, identify the hourly pattern of consumption (this is vital for the feasibility of the whole proposal).

We will actually get the length of the independent feeder, get the estimated cost of one-time infrastructure cost.

Based on these inputs we will calculate the actual monthly cost savings that can be expected, and calculate the pay-back-period.

3.    Setting-up Independent Feeder and Installing ABT Meter through the contractor

We will get your independent feeder and ABT Meter installed through our contractor partners, who have the experience of successfully commissioning more than 70 independent feeders and 50 open access projects.  We will have site surveyed, quotation prepared, negotiated and finalized.  You will be assured of quality, reliable and trouble free service.

4.    Set-up a trading account to trade on the energy exchange IEX through IEX member

We will have your trading account opened with the our reputed, exchange member partner who are an established power trader and member of IEX. They have brought the first open access customer on to the IEX platform and have a long list of satisfied customers.  Ace will facilitate the whole process so that you will have a smooth start to power trading operation.

5.    Running the show, including AMC of independent feeder

In a few cases, on a selective basis, where the customer requires and where the feeder and related infrastructure is installed by Ace-MNC combine, we can take AMC and run the trading operation for our customers.


Key Benefits:


·      Savings up to Rs.60 lacs, for every MW of connected load;

·      Total Relief from Load Shedding;

·      No need to run the generator.



Learn all about saving energy costs on our site.  We are always glad to meet you in person and assist you.  So, Contact us!

Ace has been appointed a consultant by Indian Energy Exchange (IEX), India’s largest energy exchange, for market development and creating awareness


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Rooftop Solar



Power tariffs and bills are rising every day.  Industrial and commercial establishments can benefit …

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Energy Efficiency

 Every unit saved is two units purchased.


Every industry and large commercial consumer has the potential to reduce total demand and save at least 10-15% from the annual power bill.


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