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Who can benefit?


In Haryana, where we currently focus, following consumers are eligible for availing OA benefits:

o   Consumers having more than 500 kVA demand;

o   Consumers should be on a 11kV and above supply;

o   If the consumer wants to be free of load shedding, should on an independent feeder;

Those on a mixed feeder (more than one consumer on the line from the substation), can also benefit from open access, but they can do so only under following conditions:

o   All the consumers connected to the feeder should opt for open access;

o   One of them should take the leadership position and bid, pay, and manage on behalf of the reset of the group;

o   In case of load shedding, OA supply is not permitted;

The above conditions virtually rule out the practical feasibility of benefitting from open access.


Ace can help you in installing the independent feeder, in getting all approvals and running the system under one roof.


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In Haryana, even though Open Access is permitted on mixed feeder, it is practically unviable.  In order to enjoy 24x7, uninterrupted power supply, the  Open Access consumer has to go for an independent feeder from the nearest substation.  The independent feeder requires installing its own vacuum circuit breaker, HT metering panel, etc.  




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