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Valuation is an important consideration in private equity investment.  What it means is that what is the present valuation of the company, and therefore the price of a single equity share.


While it is an important consideration from the investee’s perspective, it is not the sole issue.  We find that most of the times the investee is obsessed with valuation and percentage of dilution.  We have to understand that the investor is taking a big risk and there should be a reasonable room for making profit on the investment.  One needs to take a balanced approach to all the issues involved.


Now that valuation issue is sorted out, let’s consider the extent of dilution by the promoters of their holding in the company.


Actually, valuation and dilution are closely inter related.

So, let us examine dilution, now!


Learn about Dilution


Assist writing your business plan and presentations for investors, CMA data/ project report for banks/ Financial Institutions (FIs).

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Financoal Helath Check-up



Small and start-up companies do not have in-house financial expertise to periodically check their financial health…

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